Course Consumption


Courses on DIKSHA are available to all users and are discovered through different means like scanning the course QR code, searching the course by their name, keywords and DIAL code, and so on. These courses are grouped categorically to suit different types of users and their preferences.

A user must log in and enrol to a batch of a particular course. While consuming the course, the course progress is closely captured and displayed. The user can enrol in multiple batches within a course. However, at any given time, only one batch is active for a user to enrol and consume. The course contents consist of modules for easier understanding and consumption. A course may have an assessment module so that states can validate and evaluate the attendees, their faring to the course, and take corrective measures or gauze the content quality.

Upon meeting the issuance criteria for the course, a certificate is issued to the user. This is a digital certificate that can be viewed and downloaded. Each certificate has a unique QR code associated with it. Scan the QR code to validate and view the user details and the course details of the certificate.

Enable forums within a batch to facilitate the enrolled users to participate in discussion forum to discuss about a topic and get clarification.

Overall Process

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course consumption