Course Creation


A course on DIKSHA needs to be curated in a structured and defined manner for users to consume and avail benefits. A micro course (short and crisp) increases the usage and consumption of a course compared to a longer course.

The first preferred step in course creation is the planning of the course structure. The course structure is the skeleton or a table of content derived from the units/topics/modules included in the course. Once the structure is created, relevant materials are added with appropriate tagging, such as Board, Medium, Grade, Audience type, and so on, to ensure easy discovery and efficient tracking. The created course then goes through a review process after which it gets published and is then made available for users. Every published course has a unique QR code that can also be downloaded. This course QR code helps users to scan and directly access the course without the need to do any manual search

Alternatively, a course published by the same or another organization can be reused for creating a new course by

  • Copying a published course and making necessary edits, renaming, and publishing it
  • Translating a published course in the state‚Äôs preferred language and publishing it

Overall Process

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course creation